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The Pleiadian Times is a 12-page information journal (in English only) published four times a year in March, June, September, and December at solstice and equinox periods. Each issue features:

  • A channeled article by the Pleiadians especially for The Times. Throughout the issues the Pleiadians explore essential keys to understanding and living in our changing, challenging world. From Atlantis and astrology to reptilians and rejuvenation, and a myriad of topics in-between, the Pleiadians cover the subjects at hand with their distinctive style that blends humor, perceptiveness, common sense, and compassion.
  • "Astrology," by George Ward. Over 20 years of astrological adeptness seasoned with a Pleiadian viewpoint, George offers our readers an overview of what's happening astrologically for the current seasonal quarter.
  • "Natural Health," by Terri L. Saunders. Terri, an herbalist, nutritionist, and Certified Natural Health Professional, shares with our readers her knowledge on cutting edge natural health products, controversies within the health care field, and advice for mind-body wellness.
  • "Metaphysical Musings," by Barbara's sister, Karen Marciniak. Karen expounds upon everyday living and subjects near and dear to her heart as she shares her personal life experiences and her Pleiadian affiliated perspectives.
  • "Pieces of the Puzzle," a two-page layout of newspaper and magazine clippings to augment the bigger picture in the game of life.
  • A list of latest recordings– with brief descriptions– of channeled sessions with the Pleiadians.

Sample Newsletter

Read sample articles online from regular Times contributors, including "Emerging From Denial," channeled by Barbara Marciniak for the June 21, 2004 Summer Solstice edition of The Pleiadian Times


We are no longer publishing The Pleiadian Times, however, back issues are available. All issues, #2 - #82, are $5.50 each or 5 for $15.00 plus $3.00 postage, US only. Issues may be substituted if sold out.


See a list of available back issues here.

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